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Hexagonal boron nitride semiconductors enable cost-effective detection of neutron signals


One of the most critical issues the United States faces today is preventing terrorists from smuggling nuclear weapons into its ports. To this end, the U.S. Security and Accountability for Every Port Act mandates that all overseas cargo containers be scanned for possible nuclear materials or ...


Bochem Increasingly Using New Media


Bochem Instrumente GmbH presents sections of its overall product spectrum in various new videos. The recently finished productions provide a compact overview of the product groups of lab jacks, electrical lifts, containers as well as stands and clamps. They can be found on the company’s website ...


Knowing whether food has spoiled without even opening the container


A color-coded smart tag could tell consumers whether a carton of milk has turned sour or a can of green beans has spoiled without opening the containers, according to researchers. The tag, which would appear on the packaging, also could be used to determine if medications and other perishable ...


New way of detecting concealed radioactive material

University of Maryland researchers propose method to sniff out dirty bombs via the electromagnetic breakdown of air


Researchers at the University of Maryland have proposed a scheme for detecting a concealed source of radioactive material without searching containers one by one. Detection of radioactive material concealed in shipping containers is important in the early prevention of "dirty" bomb construction. ...


Corning to Acquire Plaslab S.A.S.

Acquisition to add sampling, testing, and analysis consumables to its life sciences product portfolio


Corning Incorporated announced that it has reached an agreement with the shareholders of Plaslab S.A.S. to acquire all outstanding shares of the company. Assuming certain closing conditions are met, the acquisition is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2010. Plaslab is a French ...


Sniffing out terrorists


A new intelligent system has been developed to help identify terrorists carrying explosives. Sensitive electronic noses capture the smell of the explosives; the system processes the acquired data, correlates it with individuals’ movements … and ultimately tracks down the suspects. Literally ...


More protection against explosives and nuclear material in freight containers


Illegally transported, conventional explosives and nuclearly relevant or radioactive ma-terials can enable international terror organizations to transport hazardous materials for attacks to any place in the world. For improved protection against such hazardous freight, scientists of the ...


How dangerous are gases from ship containers for consumers?

A BfR expert meeting is to examine the available data and identify research needs.


Ship containers are frequently treated with gas to combat pests. Dock workers who open the containers, warehouse workers who repack the goods and consumers who then purchase these goods, may be exposed to gas residues. In recent years minor health impairments linked to the opening of gas ...


INL nuclear materials detection technology wins national security award


New technology under development at Idaho National Laboratory has been proven to safely detect hidden nuclear materials smuggled into ports and across borders. Now, the research being conducted by a team of INL and Idaho Accelerator Center engineers has earned the 2008 $25,000 Homeland Security ...


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LLNL researchers create tool to monitor nuclear reactors


International inspectors may have a new tool in the form of an antineutrino detector, that could help them peer inside a working nuclear reactor. A Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory-Sandia National Laboratories' team recently demonstrated that the operational status and thermal power of ...


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