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  • High-performance microscope displays pores in the cell nucleus with greater precision

    The transportation of certain molecules into and out of the cell nucleus takes place via nuclear pores. For some time, detailed research has been conducted into how these pores embedded in the nuclear envelope are structured. Now, for the first time, biochemists from the University of Zurich have su more

  • Researchers at Mainz University make visible the structure of the smallest crystals

    A radical new way of making structures visible at the nano level has been developed at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU). This new method makes it possible to determine with precision the arrangement of atoms and molecules in a diverse range of materials from cement to pharmaceuticals. The p more

  • SALVE Project Enters Second Phase

    Following the successful completion of a two-year evaluation phase, the University of Ulm, the Heidelberg-based company CEOS GmbH and Carl Zeiss Nano Technology Systems have signed an agreement to embark on the next phase of the SALVE project. SALVE – which stands for Sub-Angstrom Low Voltage Electr more

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Electron Microscopy, Histology, and Light Microscopy

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EMSystems · Analytical Systems and Components for Electron Microscopes

      SEMRAY SEMCL Other Products     Address Contact Form       By use of unconventional electron microscopical measurement methods, like cathodoluminescence or X-ray fluorescence , important material properties may be investigated on a micrometer scale which are not accessible by imaging or tradit more

Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions - Toxicological evaluations of low solubility particles

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