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Improved automatic steam distillation for determining alcoholic strength in spirits and liqueurs

Steam distillation with oscillation-type densimetry for alcohol strength determination


Excellent alternative for sample cleanup of volatiles from complex matrices. Major advantages are the low costs for consumables per analysis


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Risks and Hazards Caused by ELECTROSTATICS in the LAB?!

Explanations of different possibilities of electrostatic charging and avoiding ignition risks


How ignition hazards can be avoided due to electrostatic charge in the lab? Here you will find support and recommendations for your safety


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Delivering on the Promise of the Paperless Lab


Organizations have made significant investments in enterprise and laboratory tools, technologies and solutions to help improve productivity, better manage data/information and optimize their business processes. However, the reality is that most comp


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From Glass Thermometer to Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Technology

A Juchheim family’s history of success and innovation since 1926


The first glass thermometers were relatively primitive devices. Equipped with fixed contacts, they were capable of only limited interaction with a


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Field-Flow Fractionation - The Universal Separation Principle for Particle and Macromolecule Characterization


High molecular weight polymers, bio molecules or particles in a range of a few nanometers up to several microns are more and more important


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