The pH Handbook – A Practical Guide for pH Measurement

The SI Analytics pH Handbook gives hands-on practical know how about pH measurement and pH determination. Numerous illustrations, tables and diagrams are contained in its 100 pages to convey how the pH is measured correctly.

Our objective was to combine basic knowledge of pH measurement with the laboratory experience of the SI Analytics experts, made available in a practical handbook.
With its added recommendations on which pH electrodes to use for specific applications, the pH Handbook is an indispensable guide for your day-to-day laboratory routines.

Contents of the pH Handbook

1. Basic concepts of potentiometry and pH measurement

  1. Definition of acid and base
  2. Definition of the pH value
  3. Electrochemical potential
  4. Nernst equation
  5. Methods of pH measurement
2. Structure of pH electrodes
  1. The glass electrode
  2. The reference electrode
  3. Combined measurement chains
3. Potentiometry of the pH electrode

4. Buffer solutions and safety in pH measurement
  1. Definition of buffers
  2. Standard buffers
  3. Calibration
  4. Working with buffer solutions
  5. Measurement uncertainty
5. Measurement equipment and measurement setup

6. Practical pH measurement
  1. pH measurement in various applications
  2. pH measurement in an organic solution
7. Recommendations for use, maintenance and care of electrodes

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