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Variable Spot Benchtop EDXRF Spectrometer for Analysis of Sodium to Uranium in Almost Any Matrix

Non-destructively Analyze Solids, Alloys, Powders, Liquids, Slurries, and RoHS Materials

As a multi-position, bulk and small spot benchtop EDXRF analyzer, the NEX DE VS delivers wide elemental coverage. Non-destructively analyze sodium (Na) through uranium (U) across a diverse range of matrices — from homogeneous liquids of any viscosity to solids, thin films, alloys, slurries, ...


Analytical HPLC and UHPLC Not Off-The-Shelf but Tailored to Your Needs

Flexible System Solutions | Configurable According to Requirements | Excellent Value for Money

Whether for routine analytics in quality assurance or sophisticated research analytics, KNAUER’s cleverly designed, user-friendly AZURA HPLC/UHPLC systems always give you powerful performance. This is what KNAUER customers have come to value over the past decades. Flexible, modular system ...


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