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  • In search of the 'holy grail': researchers observe lithium ions in real time

    Li ion imaging by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is the “holy grail” in the study of Li ion battery (LIB) materials. Tracking lithiation process in TEM could provide more profound understanding on the electrode degradation mechanism during battery cycling, which accelerates material modifica more

  • Watching viruses fail

    Using a new analytical method, Empa researchers have tracked viruses as they pass through face masks and compared their failure on the filter layers of different types of masks. The new method should now accelerate the development of surfaces that can kill viruses, the team writes in the journal Sci more

  • Graphene scientists capture first images of atoms ‘swimming’ in liquid

    Graphene scientists from The University of Manchester have created a novel ‘nano-petri dish’ using two-dimensional (2D) materials to create a new method of observing how atoms move in liquid Publishing in the journal, Nature,the team led by researchers based at the National Graphene Institute (NGI) more

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