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Automated thermal desorber for high-throughput automated analysis

Electrical cooling: Eliminate the cost and inconvenience of cryogen, and avoid ice formation ✓ Sample splitting & re-collection: Repeat analyses of valuable samples; simplify method validation ✓ Broad analyte range: Analyse VOCs from C3 to C44, including reactive & thermally labile species more

Speeding up thermal desorption/GC

Absolutely clean TD tubes are essential for highly sensitive and reproducible GC measurements more


Re-condition up to 36 sorbent tubes at once! ✓ Gas saving function ✓ Auto safety shut-down more

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Polymer Characterization with Vertical Furnace Pyrolyzer without Sample Preparation

Without complex sample preparation, analytical pyrolysis is providing a fast and reliable material characterization of practically any kind of organic sample. Unsolvable, non-volatile, solid and liquid samples can be analyzed directly. Typical samples for analytical pyrolysis are plastics, rubbers, more

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