They can look appealing but also carry valuable information: spectra, the measurement of which using spectrometers have become routine techniques in analytics. ICP, NMR, UV/Vis, AES/OES, FTIR, AAS, Raman, RFA and mass spectroscopy are just a few of the many variants in this class of analytical methods which, in the lab, are often coupled with separation techniques.

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High-precise, ultra-fast and long-term measurement and control of gases

Multigas option ✓ High accuracy and sensitivity, even at lowest flow rates, and ultra-fast settling time ✓ High configuration, digital and analog interfaces, flexible mechanical connection options more

Askion offers complete service portfolio surrounding your device development plans

Efficient Development: Meet your goals for budget, time and quality ✓ System engineering, electronics, software, optics and more - your one stop shop ✓ Quality serial production: With our proven processes, we take care of your every need ✓ more

LabStandard Explorer Collection Kits of MultiComponent CRM Solutions for residue pesticides analysis

Certified values with associated uncertainty and metrological traceability to International Standard ✓ Reduces the risk to workers' health and minimizes the risk of contamination in the workplace ✓ Reduce man-hours (7x) for in-house preparation of stock solutions saving money for solvents (30x) ✓ more

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PlasmaQuant 9100 Series of ICP-OES Instruments

Experience innovative ICP-OES technology and explore the elemental details of your samples. Gain the analytical advantage for superior product quality, process monitoring and regulation compliance. Add clarity, simplicity and confidence to your most delicate analytical routines. Benefit from the wid more

FT-IR spectrometer of the future: INVENIO

INVENIO R represents the entry level of Bruker’s R&D FTIR spectrometers for demanding analytical and R&D applications. more

2-In-1 Solution for Visual & Chemical Material Analysis of Microstructures Saves 90% Time

Visually inspect and chemically analyze in a single work step with your DM6 M LIBS materials analysis solution.  The integrated laser spectroscopy function delivers the chemical composition of the microstructure that you see in the microscope image – within a second. Speed up your workflow. The LIB more

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