Find particles automatically, classify them precisely and identify them easily with Raman microscopy

Accelerated and extremely precise analysis of microplastics, pharmaceutics and foods or beverages

ParticleScout enables unprecedented speed and ease of use for microparticle analysis with Raman microscopy through the automated integration of optical components, advanced algorithms, spectroscopic capabilities and spectral database software.

Particles smaller than 1 µm can be analyzed in detail. "Image Stitching" and "Focus Stacking" are features that make it very convenient to work with large samples and possible to generate image data for precisely categorizing particles according to physical attributes.

For identification, a Raman spectrum is automatically recorded from each particle and assigned to the corresponding substance with the help of the integrated WITec Raman database software.

This seamless combination of a particle analysis tool with a spectral database is unique in the industry and provides an optimized workflow to increase productivity.

Finally, ParticleScout generates comprehensive reports that quantify the particles of interest.

Fields of application include microplastics research, environmental analysis, pharmaceutics, geology, food science and many others.

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product :

1. Analysis of microparticles using confocal Raman microscopy with unmatched speed and ease of use

2. Automated categorization and evaluation of particles through high-resolution optical image data

3. Chemical characterization of each particle with a seamlessly-integrated Raman spectral database

  • Raman microscopy

  • Pharmaceutics

  • particle analysis

  • environmental analysis

  • geology

  • particle analysis software

  • image analysis software

  • image analysis

  • microplastics

  • food analytics

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