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Easy and reliable identification of polymers and additives after PY-GC/MS, TD-GC/MS or EGA-MS analysis

Comprehensive databases with 1000 polymers and 500 additives ✓ Patented and robust search algorithm ✓ Import of all major GC/MS data formats ✓ more

Test microbiological safety in food industry

Fast and reliable method ✓ Reduced inventory and warehouse leadtimes ✓ Complete solution including robotic autosampling more

Bring Context to your Data with ZEISS Connected Microscopy

Complete workflows from Image to data ✓ AI supported workflows ✓ Most advanced visualization and analysis solutions ✓ more

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  • Precision diagnostics to immune medicine using AI-assisted analysis of single-cell blood data’s mission is to make the clinical analysis of blood data — called cytometry — automated and fully objective to enable personalization of treatment to every person’s unique immune system. Currently, even for skilled laboratory personnel, cytometry analysis is a laborious process that has a la more

  • Clinisys Acquires Promium

    Clinisys announced that it has acquired Promium, a Bothell, Washington-based, a leading provider of laboratory information management systems dedicated to supporting environmental, water, wastewater and other analytical testing laboratories that protect health and safety. The addition of Promium to more

  • Novel AI-based software enables quick and reliable imaging of proteins in cells

    Electron cryo-tomography (cryo-ET) is emerging as a powerful technique to provide detailed 3D images of cellular environments and enclosed biomolecules. However, one of the challenges of the methodology is the identification of protein molecules in the images for further processing. A research team more

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Built for the Lab - Built for IT - Why compromise?

Everyone knows that Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ 7 Chromatography Data System (CDS) is easy-to-use and brings lab-friendly compliance. Now Chromeleon 7.3 CDS takes this to the next level while also delivering an IT-ready, scalable enterprise solution that is optimized for global deployment. more

LANEXO Inventory Manager - The fast track to an ultra-efficient, audi-ready lab

Say goodbye to manual stock keeping. LANEXO® inventory manager does it all for you. Comprised of web and mobile apps plus RFID labels, LANEXO® lets you easily register, track and monitor lab consumables (e.g. reagents, standards, samples, in-house prepared solutions), giving you instant access to re more

Easy and reliable identification of polymers and additives after PY-GC/MS, TD-GC/MS or EGA-MS analysis

The interpretation of chromatograms according to PY-GC/MS, TD-GC/MS or EGA-MS of polymeric materials is very difficult without the corresponding long-term experience and the use of tables and data books. F-SEARCH consists of a search software and four unique libraries, which the user can select for more

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