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Biomaterial in vitro testing 2.0 – standardized, quantitative, resource-saving

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Size-standardized surface areas enable direct quantitative comparisons between different test items


Error-reduced and highly reproducible analyzes of direct cell/materials interactions


Flexibility in terms of test item dimensions and surface properties (e.g. roughness)

An innovative in vitro test system for quantitative testing methods in direct cell-material contact

Biological tests for biocompatibility are currently being carried out in cell culture plates in which non-standardized test item are placed. Resulting errors, such as reactions of the biomaterials with varying free areas in the well, prevent the exact collection of quantitative biological data. These errors are eliminated with our patented in vitro test system "ClicKit-Well" by generating size-standardized surfaces and wells (based on common cell culture formats) on the test items.

It is a pioneering tool that expands the portfolio of companies in the field of medical device testing to include quantitative testing methods in direct material-cell contact. Researchers and manufacturers are given the opportunity to carry out high-quality biological assessments already during product development and thus significantly strengthen the probability of realization and acceptance of their approaches and products.

"ClicKit-Well" – a revolution in the growing medical implant market and a future basic tool in daily laboratory use.

We are interested in collaborating in the field of product realization / production / sterilization processes / packaging. We are looking for partnerships to identify and develop new fields of application. Investors are very welcome.

  • in-vitro diagnostics

  • medical devices

  • assays

  • quantitative analysis

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