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Indoor Air Quality – The Next Challenge Continuous management of indoor air quality and salubrity

Deep understanding of indoor conditions: air quality, odours, light, vibration and noise. ✓ Control indoor Salubrity Sanitary and Security conditions, Remediate to improve conditions. ✓ On premises deployment flexibility to address various indoor conditions. more

Innovative fibre-optical spectroscopy for inline process analytics

Inline monitoring ✓ Realtime process control ✓ High resolution process data more

The device carries out a photochemical process to tether antibodies on any thiol-reactive surface

An easy-to-use device for bio-sensing ✓ A light assisted antibody immobilization process to functionalize biosensors' transducers ✓ UV irradiation applied to anchor antiIgG antibody to any kind of suitable transducers ✓ more

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