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Monitoring of foodstuffs for chemical contaminants

Fast measurement - results available in seconds ✓ A forensic laboratory for fast and straightforward mesruments - anywhere ✓ Simple to use - no training in chemistry required more

Fast effortless quality Raman & SERS spectra across a wide range of applications

Analysis of small volumes in real time, with higher intensity signals in turbid liquids ✓ Small-volume drop minimises the pathlength, reducing absorption and fluorescence from samples ✓ Make real time observations on live interactions in the Drop Laboratory ✓ more

High Efficiency VPH Gratings for Spectroscopy, Hyperspectral Imaging, and OCT

Excellent 1st order diffraction efficiency and low scatter for best signal to noise & sensitivity ✓ Low polarization dependence over broad bandwidths using our patented designs ✓ Robust, easy to clean, and thermally stable for convenient integration and long lifetime more

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  • Capturing nanoplastics in tap water with light

    Nanoplastics are plastics that have been discarded from our daily lives and that enter ecosystems in the size scale below 1 micro-metter after their physical and chemical disintegration. Recent research has shown that the concentration of microplastics in the major rivers in South Korea is the highe more

  • Enhanced arsenic detection in water, food, soil

    It is a cruel paradox that on a planet with a surface mostly covered by water, hundreds of millions of people don’t have access to clean drinking water. As for the pollution of potable and natural water sources, one of the main culprits is arsenic, an abundant and toxic element in the earth’s crust. more

  • Texas A&M research aims to improve Lyme disease diagnostics

    Research by two Texas A&M University scientists is focused on improving Lyme disease treatment outcomes by developing a test that’s both more accurate and more efficient than the current test for the infection.  Lyme disease, the fastest growing vector-borne illness in the U.S., according to the Bay more

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