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V-700 provides an excellent optical system with wide range of achievable applications

Five models covering from far-UV (187 nm) to the near-IR (3200 nm)

High throughput and fast detectors provide high speed scanning without wavelength tracking errors ✓ True Double-Beam spectrophotometers with High sensitivity PMT and PbS detectors for NIR operations ✓ Wide Range of accessories for Liquid, Solid and Powder measurement ✓...


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FP-8000 Series Spectrofluorometers provide an optical bench for high sensitivity measurements

For scientists performing biomolecule structure studies, materials research and quantum yield

Highest S/N performance and Automatic cut-off filters for higher-order diffraction ✓ High throughput optical system and Stopped-flow system for fast kinetic measurements ✓ Quantum Yield Determination and Automatic polarizers to allow for automatic anisotropy measurements ✓...


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JASCO designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of FTIR and IR Microscopes from over 60 years

Redefine this powerful and easy-to-use technique with the JASCO FTIR-4000 and 6000 series.

Permanent alignment of Michelson interferometer thanks to corner-cube mirrors ✓ MID and FAR-IR spectrum in one single measurement by using unique beamsplitter ✓ From Near-IR to THz measurement range under full vacuum conditions ✓...


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The LC-4000 Series is the latest in a long history of innovative HPLC/SFC systems developed by JASCO

The concept is to provide separation platforms for Conventional LC, Fast LC, U-HPLC and SFC/SFE

HPLC/SFC pumps employ an exclusive solvent delivery system SSQD (Slow Suction -Quick Delivery) ✓ HPLC/SFC detectors with unrivalled performance, like the class leading FP-4020 Fluorescence Detector ✓ SFC solutions easily scales-up from analytical to preparative, for both chiral and achiral samples ✓...


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