WinLIMS.NET – The True Web Based LIMS You Can Access From Anywhere, At Anytime

One of the Most Powerful LIMS Systems on the Market That Is Ready to Use Productively, Out-Of-The-Box

Quality Systems International (QSI) is a global leader of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and related laboratory software.

The company’s flagship product, WinLIMS.NET™, is one of the most powerful LIMS systems available that is ready to use, out-of-the-box. WinLIMS.NET is used by leading companies and organizations throughout the world in their product development and quality assurance operations.

The flexible, standard features of WinLIMS.NET software combined with professional implementation and support enables WinLIMS.NET to operate in virtually any company using a laboratory to test the quality and safety of their products, to develop new products, or to ensure safe environmental conditions.

Unique Selection of Platforms: WinLIMS.NET Comes in Two Variants
A powerful and flexible smart-client system giving you all the advantages of the efficient, extremely linked MS Windows environment. It can be used immediately, installation free: Out-of-the-box.

Alternatively you can use the WinLIMS.NET web-client: a true web based LIMS you can access from anywhere, at anytime! An integral solution for a heterogeneous world. Importantly, you can use a combination of WinLIMS.NET smart-client and web-client giving you the best of both worlds: let your customer enter lab orders, samples and methods via the Internet. Edit these data in your intranet with the Smart client. Your customers can retrieve, e.g., the status over the web client at any time and get their certificates of analysis when the analyses are done.

The possible combinations are various! They permit an optimal mapping of your company processes and allow you to concentrate on the essentials: Results that count!

Two Especially Useful Features of WinLIMS.NET:
The WinLIMS Visual Designer lets you create completely new database applications with within a few minutes or customize existing forms interactively to the needs of the users. No programming is required: with a comprehensive GUI you create forms exactly as they should appear (see example video on our web site).

Use the DynamicCode editor to link VB.Net code, Sql commands, programmes etc. with object events to automatically execute special functionalities. For example: when a sample is approved perform certain tasks.

A combination of these features is the REFORGE (REsult FOrm GEnerator) allowing you to easily create special data entry forms for complex methods for optimum ergonomics and minimum key strokes!

With this kind of adaptability the system reaches an unchallenged top rank: enormous flexibility and configurability while taking full advantage of a standard system, in particular of the validation and upgrade ability!

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