Nitric Oxide Measurement from ppt- up to Percent-Level

nCLD: New Device Generation with Outstanding Features

Measuring Comfort, That Was Always on Your Wishing List
The analyzers of the neoCLD series are world top level not only in terms of precision and reliability. Also in view of technology we are defining the standard. The principle of chemiluminescence is the method to be chosen for precise measurement of nitric oxides, as it is based on, as selective reaction, being highly linear over a wide range of concentration. These skills are the base of the approved high performance of the ECO PHYSICS neoCLD measuring devices.

Even though a measuring device has to fulfil its tasks in fully automated operation, the today's requirements in terms of user-friendly comfort and flexibility are very high. Man-to-machine communication via touch screen is going to be more and more popular, as in this way self-explaining user guidance is combined with attractive presentation of data. Furthermore the analyzer has not only to fulfil state-of-the-art requirements, but should also satisfy, as a future-oriented invest, also requirements henceforward.

The possibility of usage for nitric oxide analyzers is diversified  NO-substance amount fraction from sub-ppt-area onwards up to percent-area can be determined. So please find therein the best solution for your application.


  • Emission measurements
  • Production + development of catalysts
  • Engine test benches
  • Exhaust analysis
  • Combustible materials
  • Quality control
  • Ship diesel engines
  • Tropospheric research
  • Precise environmental measurements
  • Background measuring stations
  • Flux measurements

It requires a bunch of inventor's spirit and a portion of engineering skills, to develop such a concentrated precision and measuring accuracy. The result can show-up proudly: The nCLD SUPREME. Despite of its compact design the nCLD SUPREME delivers a brilliant performance  by outstanding specifications. Thanks to an integrated pump it could be achieved to put all modules of the chemiluminescence detector into a sophisticated housing in terms of technical design. The HD-resolution based 8"-monitor is optimally readable, an USB interface is accessible on the frontside, and in case of need the front-panel can be folded open, also to exchange the filter package: Service ability is written with capital letters.

Intelligent modules
An innovation of the ECO-PHYSICS neoCLD-series is the modular structure, which combines and integrates the different intelligent modules in a compact design. Therefore the intelligent modules interact each of them equipped with their own processor and set of software drivers via a bus communication system. At the same time the wiring and tubing at the inner side of the housing is significantly reduced. The modules have been set up flexibly to the appropriate measuring mode and the sampling conditions (e.g. temperature, pressure, flow speed).

Before the analyzers leave the production site they undergo intensive and detailed testing procedures based on ISO 9001 certification standard. In this way they are in conformity with international requirements.

Thanks to a more compact pump it could be achieved to put a modules of the chemiluminescence detector in to a housing. The front panel can be folded up and allows in this position optimized reading conditions. Behind the front panel not only a USB interface is accessible, but also the ingenious filter package, that can be exchanged with a quick hand movement: Service ability is written with capital letters.

The operator guidance nowadays has to be simple and self-explaining. Optionally the measuring values or the entire gradient as well as specifically selected parameters can be shown on the screen respectively be transmitted continuously. In parallel data which have been stored earlier can be shown. Further functions are: status and communication protocol, temperature and pressure conditions, errors and warnings as well as a lot of further information.

  • emission measurement

  • exhaust analysis

  • nitric oxide measurement

  • nitric oxide analyzers

  • chemiluminescence detectors

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