Speeding up thermal desorption/GC

External conditioning of sample tubes is making it possible

Thermal desorption (TD) is a sample preparation technique for gas chromatography to measure volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds in air and materials. It simplifies and speeds up a lot of GC applications, because it can save many hours of manual sample preparation. Sample tubes filled with an adsorbent are used to collect the analytes that are subsequently transferred via the TD system into the gas chromatograph.

Better conditioning with TD CLEAN-CUBE

Absolutely clean TD tubes are essential for highly sensitive and reproducible GC measurements.
The TD CLEAN-CUBE is ideal for conditioning tubes and for removing residues of former sample collection. The conditioning procedure is completely independent of the TD system and GC column and detector are protected from interfering contaminants, which occur during internal conditioning.

Up to 20 TD tubes can be conditioned simultaneously, while samples are analyzed via GC at the same time. This increases the productivity of your laboratory and is cost-efficient.

Few steps to perfectly conditioned TD tubes

Up to 20 standard tubes (1/4 ” x 3.5 ”) are inserted into the CLEAN-CUBE and conditioned simultaneously.

After closing of the CLEAN-CUBE, the tubes are perfused with purge gas and the selected temperature program starts. Besides default methods, individual programs that are aligned to the adsorbent of the respective application can be specified.

At the end of the conditioning cycle, the CLEAN-CUBE is opened. To accelerate cooling off, the purge gas is still flowing through the tubes. Once the tubes are removed after the cooling down period, the gas flow automatically stops.

Advantages of the TD CLEAN-CUBE

  • 20 TD tubes (1/4 ” x 3.5 ”) can be conditioned with purge gas simultaneously
  • temperature programming (3 ramps, max. 400 ⁰C)
  • method memory for default and individual programs
  • TD tubes are cleaned from the inside and the outside
  • contamination is eliminated
  • fast cooling down and automatically gas switch-off when tubes are removed
  • time- and cost-saving technology, since the CLEAN-CUBE can be used independently from the TD/GC system
  • GC accessories

  • thermal desorption tubes

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