100% Process Control with Real Time Data Transfer

Highly Flexible NIR Spectrometer Systems for Customization and Integration

Your requirement is a simple and efficient integration of spectrometer systems in your process control? Polytec will fulfill your needs with a flexible and modular concept. Versatile accessories to combine with the Polytec compact NIR spectrometers make them suitable for every process. Fast results and fully automated measurement procedures for different process conditions can be easily established.

For distance measurements as on roll goods with a distance between 150 and 500 mm to the probe the Polytec distance sensor head would be an optimal solution. The contact sensor head and immersion probes are suitable for contact measurements on powders, fluids and bulk material. Designs according to food or ATEX standards are also available.

The spectrometer systems are based on the proven Polytec diode array technology with holographic 3D transmission gratings which guarantee optimal performance in the NIR range (850 nm-2500 nm). This concept ensures fast and precise real time data acquisition with a compact system. For integration of the spectrometer systems in the respective process a broad range of software packages is available which allow for a fast and comfortable evaluation and visualization of your data. Numerous analog and digital interface modules to connect to different process control systems complete our portfolio for online and inline process monitoring.

The highly standardized components ensure a process integration without compromises regarding user friendliness and precision. With this offer Polytec provides user specific but safe and easy to integrate process solutions based on proven technology platforms.

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