Automate failure analysis using the FTIR microscope AIM-9000 from Shimadzu

The infrared microscope for fast and easy observation, spot definition, measurement and identification

The FTIR AIM-9000 microscope is based on a unique concept in infrared microscopy. It is an automated failure analysis system with complete automation of all necessary steps in failure analysis and micro sample evaluation, covering observation, spot definition, measurement and identification.

1. Observation

Wide Field Camera makes automatic zoom-in from Eye-size (10 x 13 mm) to contaminant-size (300 x 400 μm)

2. Definition of measurement spots, measurement

Automatic Contaminant Recognition sets aperture on measurement spots automatically

Measurement of these spots is performed automatically

3. Identification

Contaminant Analysis Program identifies the spectrum automatically.

AIMsolution can search with LabSolutions IR library with approx. 12,000 spectra, Tap-water contaminants library, Thermal-damaged plastic library, Sadtler libraries and STJ libraries.

Furthermore, the AIM-9000 FTIR microscope utilizes high-speed mapping measurement with imaging presentation. It is possible to observe visually and measure simultaneously.

Software and Compatibility

The AIM-9000 infrared microscope is controlled by the AIMsolution software which unifies all operations for sample observation, measurement and analysis. A wide range of accessories complements the instrument, such as objectives, polarizers, a pressure sensor and a TGS detector. The AIM-9000 will be compatible with Shimadzu’s IRAffinity-1S and IRTracer-100 FTIR spectrometers. In combination with the IRTracer-100 platform, the AIM-9000 can reach a S/N ratio of a staggering 30.000/1 (Transmission, MCT detector, 50 µm aperture, 8 cm-1 resolution, 2min. scan)

The new system targets industries such as electricals and electronics, machinery and transportation, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, petroleum and chemicals.

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