Advanced Pipetting with Eppendorf's Multipettes Takes the Strain out of Serial Dispensing

The Electronic Multipette E3 and E3x from Leading Life Science Company Eppendorf Raise the Bar in Terms of Ease of Use and Versatility of Electronic Manual Dispensers

There are many Reasons for an Eppendorf Multipette®.

You are the most Important one.

You want your everyday pipetting routine faster, easier and more precise? Even when dealing with liquids of higher density, volatility or viscosity? And at the same time, you want to reduce continuous stress for your hand? Then, allow yourself the one pipette missing in your pipette set: the extremely lightweight electronic Eppendorf Multipette E3/E3x.
Eppendorf, as a German leading life science company invented the Multipette/Combitip® system in order to provide a convincing solution to overcome some typical limits of pipetting challenging liquids. Depending on the application in your daily laboratory routine, you can decide if you want to use the classical Combitip advanced or the new ViscoTip® for highly viscous liquids.

Save time

The Eppendorf Multipette make long pipetting series faster and easier. The aspirated liquid can be dispensed up to 100 times without a refill, even automated with a single push of a button, if desired. Therefore, it is an ideal and smart solution for filling plates or large series of tubes accelerating experiment times compared to conventional techniques. The possibility to save often used parameter settings as favorites saves time and facilitates the usage even more.


Developed in line with Eppendorf’s PhysioCare Concept®, electric motor driven dispensing helps to minimize the strain of work in the laboratory. Eppendorf’s instinctive design minimizes the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI) by lowering operation forces and positioning buttons to accommodate natural hand movements. To further guarantee ease of use and reduce eye strain, the Multipettes have an enlarged and easy-to-read color display with clear arrangement of all adjustable parameters. These can be displayed in 9 different languages to ensure correct operation and correct results worldwide.

Work precisely and safely

Regular pipettes work according to the air cushion principle, where the liquid is separated from the piston by an air cushion. These are highly accurate in most applications, but their performance can be affected by the viscosity, volatility, temperature and surface tension of the liquid. The well-established Multipette system employs robust positive displacement technology to dispense liquid directly without an air cushion. This ensures that the correct volume is delivered every time following a single aspiration, even for fluids with complicated physical properties. In addition, the risk of cross contamination of biological samples and the carry-over of residuals of hazardous and radioactive liquids is eliminated as the liquid is protected with a hermetically sealing piston.

Combitips® advanced

In 1978 Eppendorf revolutionized the industry and laboratory workflow with the introduction of the Combitip/Multipette system and has been the leader in market innovations for 40 years. Depending on the Combitip advanced, one can dispense volumes in the range from 1 µL to 10 mL. For each Combitip 20 different dispensing volumes can be set. Depending on the dispensing volume, 5 to 100 dispensing steps can be carried out with a Combitip that is filled to full capacity. Combitips advanced are available in four purity grades and therefore appropriate for a wide range of different applications: Eppendorf Quality™, Sterile, PCR clean, Forensic DNA Grade or Biopur®.


Have you ever experienced the limits of your tips and tools when handling highly viscous liquids? Then, you should check the new ViscoTips adapted to such difficult conditions. They are specialized on tough-to-handle liquids like cream or motor oil and therefore expand the broad range of applications in the laboratory enormously. Amongst others, the ViscoTip/Multipette system is suitable for applications in the field of food analysis, cosmetics industry or petrochemistry.

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