Highest quality precision quartz and glass cuvettes for all applications

Custom and OEM options. All popular cells available from stock!

Quality is at the heart of what we do to ensure that you obtain the best possible results from your measurements.


Starna’s ISO 9001 manufacturing facility produce a fully comprehensive range of precision optical cuvettes from a variety of guaranteed quartz and glass materials warranted against defect. Sampling size from ultra-micro sample size to in-line flow analysis.


Fully vertically integrated manufacturing including capabilities for: cutting, grinding, polishing, heat fusion, drilling, coating and precision cleaning, alongside extensive quality control procedures, ensure that all products meet the exacting standards required. Fully traceable manufacturing with quality and path length certification options.


Cuvettes for applications including:

-          absorption

-          fluorescence

-          flow and tablet dissolution

-          DNA/protein

-          Circular Dichroism

-          colourimeter

-          laser

-          cytometer

-          Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV)


All popular items are available from stock!

  • certified reference materials

  • calibration standards

  • UV/Vis standards

  • standards

  • reference materials

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