Optical Immersion Probes and Process Flow Cells for Process and Laboratory Applications

Providing Ideal Solutions for the Fields of Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, Life Science and Food & Feed

Optical immersion probes and flow cells from Hellma are the backbone of innovative analytical devices in the Laboratory and Industry. Combined with FT-NIR or UV/Vis spectrophotometers, Hellma immersion probes facilitate qualitative and quantitative product analysis and enable the determination of specific chemical and physical properties.

Common analyses include:

  • Acidity and OH values
  • Peroxide, iodine concentration, octane rating
  • Fractionation
  • Total aromatics, percentage alcohol
  • Caffeine concentration, amino acids determination
  • Oil, protein, moisture concentrations in foods
  • Fat, water, lactose and particulates in milk

Optical immersion probes and flow cells are used in real-time reaction monitoring as well as in reaction end point determination. Some common examples include: Polymerization, Hydrogenation, Hydrolysis, Esterification and Epoxidation reactions. Depending on the reaction, samples can take on many different physical states, which can then be measured with optical immersion probes, i. e. liquids (clear to turbid), emulsions, suspensions, pastes, powders, slurries and even solids.

Optical immersion probes facilitate efficient process control by allowing production and quality control processes to be monitored and regulated online and in real-time. Through gained insights into the inner-workings of the process, production engineers can better govern the manufacturing process in real time, resulting in quicker production cycles and a reduced error rate. The overall result is in an increased production output and decreased waste. By streamlining production, quality control processes and documentation procedures, companies can significantly reduce costs, which can be shown through Life-Cycle-Cost calculations. On the average the ROI or return on investment can be estimated at around two years.

Build your Immersion Probe with our unique product configurator

The standard program of Hellma interfaces consists of universal, preconfigured probes, which can be implemented in the laboratory, pilot plants or in the production. The modular program allows users to configure their immersion probes based on their unique process requirements and offers up to 500,000 possible configurations. A visit to our product website provides users with all the information needed to find their ideal probe. They can take advantage of an online configurator, providing them with the ability to configure and order their individualized probe within minutes. For all immersion probe inquiries that cannot be satisfied through the standard or modular programs, Hellma offers customers the option to custom build their own immersion probe utilizing an online questionnaire.

The Hellma Immersion Probe product portfolio consists of the following common forms of measuring methodology:

  • Absorption (UV/Vis/NIR/IR)
  • Florescence
  • Raman

Different technologies within a broad product range

With the acquisition of Axiom Analytical Inc., Hellma has been able to expand its product portfolio and technology expertise significantly. Immersion probes and flow cells with Axiom technology show a high temperature and chemical resistance due to their welded-in metal seals. These maintenance-free systems are therefore ideal for process applications that require robustness and precision at the same time. Through the use of light guides instead of internal optical fibers, it is also possible to cover the entire spectral range up to the middle infrared (IR). With Axiom Analytical products, Hellma strengthened its position as the world's leading supplier of precision optical modules for online spectroscopy.

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