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Pure Chromatography Systems

The Top 3 Advantages

Use of compressed air is sufficient for ELSD, no need to use expensive gases like argon or nitrogen


Reliable system security thanks to automatic monitoring functions and settings


Countless equipment variants

Space-saving with maximum safety and maximum precision

To cover all needs, we offer flash, prep and flash/prep combining systems. The countless equipment options make it easy to meet your individual requirements. For example, we offer intuitive software, a UV-Vis detector as standard, including UV scan, a built-in trigger and possible remote control. The systems are delivered with 2, freely selectable, racks and a solvent platform. Do you fear sample loss when using the ELS detector? With a sample split to the ELSD of no more than 30μL/min, a maximum sample loss of 0.2% can be guaranteed. Likewise, the use of compressed air is sufficient to operate the ELSD. There is no need to use expensive gases such as argon or nitrogen.

Visit us at our events or contact us. Simply arrange a demo appointment. We will be happy to demonstrate in your laboratory how easy the Pure Chromatography systems are to operate.

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