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Confident quantitation with triple quadrupole LC-MS systems

The Top 3 Advantages

Ultimate sensitivity & selectivity to meet tomorrow’s standards today


Quality data across workflows for users at all levels of expertise


Confident quantitation – any sample, any matrix, any user

Mass Spectrometry Systems

From addressing complexities of molecules and matrices, to ensuring ease-of-use while satisfying regulatory requirements—today’s challenges in targeted quantitation involve more than just measuring concentrations of target analytes. Achieve ultimate confidence in your data quality with a robust, sensitive, reproducible, and reliable targeted quantitation method using our new liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) workflow solutions. All TSQ Triple Quadrupole MS systems come with a Three-Year Factory Warranty for peace of mind.

Different applications require different levels of system sensitivity, resolution, and speed. With a range of models across the TSQ Altis, TSQ Quantis & TSQ Fortis, we have a triple quadrupole ideally suited to your laboratory's needs.

To perform quantitation assays with confidence, you need a liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) workflow solution that is relevant to your laboratory’s goals. Our solutions are adapted to specific applications, including clinical research, environmental & food safety, forensic toxicology and pharma/biopharma.

  • LC/MS-coupling

  • forensic toxicology

  • environmental safety

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