New FTIR spectrophotometer with the best performance in its class

The Top 3 Advantages

Precise results at top operating speed due to improved S/N ratio


accurate and reliable measurements through comprehensive data integrity features


user-friendly operation thanks to intelligent assistance systems

Highly sensitive, accurate, and productive: the new concept for infrared spectroscopy

The new IRXross, an FTIR spectrophotometer from Shimadzu, offers the ideal solution for a new era of instrumental analysis with diverse application requirements.

This new mid-range FTIR model impresses with its excellent signal-to-noise ratio and enables higher-quality data to be generated in significantly less time. Thus, it not only saves time, but simultaneously also provides ultra-high sensitivity measurements. With the special high-speed mode, even fast reaction monitoring is possible with 20 measurement points per second.

Intelligent software functions and wizards enable even inexperienced users to analyze samples with just one click and help to increase productivity in the laboratory with ready-to-use programs.

Comprehensive databases and full compliance with regulatory requirements make the IRXross the perfect support for daily laboratory work.

  • additive analysis

  • impurity analysis

  • polymer analysis

  • Analysis of food additives

  • active ingredient analysis

  • analysis of agrochemicals

  • analysis of inorganic compounds

  • analysis of pharmaceutical products

  • FTIR spectrophotometers

  • FTIR

  • Fourier Transform Infrared spectrophotometer

  • IR spectrophotometer

  • IR spectroscope

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