Inert UHPLC for Enhanced Sensitivity and Selectivity in Chromatography of Biomolecules

The Top 3 Advantages

The fully inert flowline prohibits analyte adsorption for best separation and reliable results


Online pH-monitoring for accurate mobile phase control and highly reproducible chromatography


Full data integrity by integration of all modules into the software and audit trail

Bioinert UHPLC with corrosion-resistant flowline and pH-monitoring for best biomolecule analysis

The Nexera XS inert system offers ideal conditions for the separation of biomolecules, by combining the elevated pressure tolerance of a UHPLC system with complete inertness of the sample flow path. This is ensured by the absence of wetted metal surfaces and offers ultra-high resistance to corrosion. In addition, the Nexera XS inert comprise user-friendly finger-tight, zero-dead-volume tubing connectors that withstand pressure up to 105 MPa for fast UHPLC analysis. Optional switching valves used for method scouting or trap-and-elute analysis are designed to inhibit metal adsorption. The also optional pHM-40 mobile phase monitor continuously tracks any changes in pH in real time, making the Nexera XS inert the ultimate tool for ion-exchange or size-exclusion chromatography, where mobile phase pH can strongly affect chromatographic separation. The portfolio is completed by a wide range of consumables (e.g., columns, vials) that feature unique technologies for inhibiting sample adsorption.

  • liquid chromatography

  • size exclusion chromatography


  • Antibody Drug Analysis

  • Metal-Coordinated Compounds

  • Phosphorylated Peptides

  • Protein Drug Aggregation

  • biomolecules

  • monoclonal antibodies

  • phospholipids

  • oligonucleotides

  • UHPLC systems

  • Corrosion-resistant UHPLC

  • Inert Columns

  • Inert UHPLC

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