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Bring Context to your Data with ZEISS Connected Microscopy

The Top 3 Advantages

Complete workflows from Image to data


AI supported workflows


Most advanced visualization and analysis solutions

Your solution for microscopy, analysis and data management

Research and development start with a question. Trust your data to find new answers. With ZEISS Connected Microscopy, you can easily create reproducible workflows - from imaging to results. Our integrated software solutions are designed to balance simplicity and flexibility for every microscope user. Experience complete workflows with the newest microscopes like the Celldiscoverer 7 with Airyscan and the most advanced visualization and analysis solutions with Vision4D, apeer and ZEN blue. Learn from our specialists how you can easily manage Terabytes of data and get reliable results quickly with advanced AI analysis tools. Take a deep dive into your 3D and 4D data with our immersive and productive VR tools. With our flexible workflows you will always have the solution for your needs. From routine imaging with Labscope to modular server-based solutions like the arivis VisionHub we will show you fully scalable imaging and automated analysis pipelines that will accelerate your research. Visit our ZEISS booth to learn more - Let´s Connect in Munich at the Analytica 2022!

  • data management

  • image analysis

  • Correlative Microscopy

  • Effortless Analysis

  • Powerful Visualization

  • Quantitative Processing

  • Secure Storage and Data Sharing

  • Smart Image Acquisition

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Carl Zeiss Microscopy Deutschland GmbH
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