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LabStandard Explorer Collection Kits of MultiComponent CRM Solutions for residue pesticides analysis

The Top 3 Advantages

Certified values with associated uncertainty and metrological traceability to International Standard


Reduces the risk to workers' health and minimizes the risk of contamination in the workplace


Reduce man-hours (7x) for in-house preparation of stock solutions saving money for solvents (30x)

Certified Reference Materials for residue analysis in food and environmental matrices

Lab.Instruments, following the recommendations of the I.L.A.C., pursues multiple accreditations by means of which it warranties the best in product quality and performance to operators in the sector. LabStandard ISO 17034 products optimizes the workflow in the analysis of pesticide residues in food and environmental matrices, guaranteeing metrological traceability to primary standard NIST in the calibration of instruments. LabStandard Explorer Collection Kits, containing up to 750 compounds in a 3 dozen CRM mixtures, are the result of over 15 years of R&D studies of long-term stability compliant with UNI CEI 70135. They are designed to meet the needs of laboratories wishing to rapidly apply multi-residue analysis of pesticides according to ISO 17025 (section 6.5.2). CRM&RM catalog includes LabStandard neat, single-component and multi-component solutions; I.L.I.S., polar pesticides labeled and not (QuPPe), Inorganic standards for CI-AA-ICPOES-ICPMS and ICPMSMS (IonLab) and a complete line of QuE-Lab and SwE-Lab extraction and clean-up system compliance with QuECHERS and SweET Methods.

  • certified reference materials

  • drinking water analysis

  • sample preparation system

  • micro balances

  • micro balances

  • pesticides analysis

  • analytical standards

  • micro-balance

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