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Measurement of specific surface area (BET), pore size and total pore volume in one device

The Top 3 Advantages

Smallest gas sorption analyzer with 4 measurement ports for BET surfaces and pore size distributions


E-mail notification / IoT and optional CFR21 Part 11 software


Patented AFSM method for dead volume measurement ensures highly precise sorption analysis

Sorption analysis of up to 4 samples simultaneously with highest precision and reproducibility

Microtrac MRB’s BELSORP MINI X shows outstanding features resulting into the world’s highest repeatability with significantly reduced measurement time. The instrument is equipped with up to 4 sample measurement ports and new high-throughput functions including multi-device control.

Thanks to dedicated pressure sensors on each sample measuring port and a dedicated port for saturated vapor pressure, it enables completely independent simultaneous measurements.

In addition, the new measurement software improves user productivity by displaying the measurement progress, grasping the maintenance timing, and sending the measurement results via e-mail. Further, the new analysis software, BELMASTER (Ver. 7), enables the structural evaluation of a wider range of materials than ever before.

The BELSORP MINI X allows measuring specific surface area, pore size distribution and total pore volume. Further, all Microtrac MRB sorption instruments are equipped with a diagnosic tool for service matters.

  • BET analysis

  • gas sorption analysis

  • pore size distribution measurement

  • porosity analysis

  • specific surface area analysis

  • analytical systems

  • BET analyser

  • gas sorption analyser

  • porosity analyser

  • specific surface area analyser

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