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The Power of the Probe: Dynamic Light Scattering Made Easy

The Top 3 Advantages

External probe in different lengths with 180° backscatter


Amplified optical signal for unparalleled accuracy and sensitivity via Reference Beating


Molecular weight determination

Accurate particle size analysis without using consumables

Powered by Microtrac MRB’s enhanced dynamic light scattering technology, the NANOTRAC FLEX is ideal for measuring particles across wide concentration ranges, using minimal sample volume. Named appropriately, the external probe grants the flexibility to measure suspensions from sub-nanometer to several microns, in-situ or on a lab bench.

Based on 180° heterodyne dynamic light scattering the NANOTRAC FLEX can measure up to 40% w/v material concentration (sample-dependent). In addition to particle size, the molecular weight (according to Debye) can also be measured. By utilizing the proprietary Mie-calculation, the user is also able to measure transparent or light-absorbing samples as well as round and irregular particles.

The probe - the catalyst for Reference Beating, Microtrac MRB's own improvement on traditional DLS - returns the optical signal to the detector amplified 100x to 1,000,000x and ensures excellent measurement results over the widest concentration ranges.

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