Realization of up to 16 Measuring Points with only one NIR Spectrometer

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Lower investment costs when installing multiple optical measurement interfaces


Reproducible measurement results due to high transmission and stability for all measuring points


Flexible and demand-oriented product equipment and subsequent expansion option

Highly Efficient Online Analysis at many Measuring Points and in Different Media Streams

NIR spectroscopy is a proven measurement technique for monitoring liquid media because it provides fast and reproducible results and requires no sample preparation. However, several measuring points on different production lines often have to be monitored continuously. The instrumentation required for monitoring media flows is cost-intensive, because without the use of a multiplexer, each measuring point requires its own spectrometer including a PC for processing the signals. This can be remedied by using an optical multiplexer. The compact "Multiplexer FMX" from Hellma can forward signals from up to 16 different measuring points, from different process steps, to a single spectrometer. This eliminates investment and maintenance costs for additional spectrometers, fiber optic cables, and the computers needed to evaluate the signals. Integration into existing manufacturing processes and connection to common process control systems is also easily possible and can be cost-effective from the second measuring point onwards.

  • process analytical technology

  • production control

  • measurement technology

  • Multiplexer

  • NIR

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