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Premium Buffers for Reliable Cell Culture & Molecular Biology

Consistent cell culture pH is critical to the reliability and reproducibility of your experiments. Any irregularities could lead to repeat analysis, and loss of critical laboratory time. That’s why each of our extensive selection of buffers and supplementary biochemicals for cell culture and molecular biology is developed, produced, and tested to guarantee the highest quality. Whether for cell thaw and media preparation, cell lysis and molecular analysis, or gel electrophoresis, we have the perfect buffer to suit your requirements.

Our new brochure “Don’t Repeat Yourself: Biochemicals for Reproducible Cell Culture & Molecular Biology” provides an overview of our broad range of premium quality buffers and supplements. It also gives you valuable information and advice about selecting and applying the optimal buffers and other biochemicals for your particular application. Discover unmatched quality for guaranteed reliability in cell culture and molecular biology.

Portfolio Highlights:

  • Phosphate buffered saline (10x concentrate, BioPerformance certified)
  • Amino acids, antibiotics, and additional buffers
  • pHast Pack™ ready-to-use buffers in pre-weighed packets to be mixed with distilled water for rapid, reliable results
  • molecular biology

  • Cell Culture

  • buffers

  • biochemicals

  • cell cultures

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