The End of Wild Western Blotting

One-Stop Solution of Quality Biochemicals & Protocols for Reliable Protein Detection

Western blotting is invaluable for protein detection. However, performing the multi-step, multi-reagent technique can lead to wild inconsistencies, high background noise, and low sensitivity. To help you achieve robust results in western blotting, we offer an effortless, one-stop solution that includes a complete range of high-quality biochemicals, equipment, and detailed protocols. This way, you’ll have everything you need for each step of the process: from protein denaturation and gel electrophoresis, to antibody binding and detection.

Our premium, all-inclusive solution is described in detail in the new brochure “Blot Out Errors: Biochemicals for Western Blotting”. The brochure also includes helpful information and instructions about following the correct techniques, selecting the right gel for your protein, and using the optimal reagents for your application to ensure successful, repeatable results. Discover how we can help you avoid wild westerns, and keep your work flowing.


  • Western blot workflow
  • Tips & tricks for reliable results
  • Protein gel chemistry guide
  • Importance of protein molecular weight
  • Pairing gel types and running buffers
  • Gel selection
  • Reagent grades and applications
  • Biochemical reagent
  • protein detection

  • gel electrophoresis

  • Western blotting

  • protein denaturation

  • biochemicals

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