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Fast, easy and accurate analysis without wet chemistry using Time Domain NMR

The Top 3 Advantages

Fast - for high throughput of samples and greater control of your production.


Safe - more environmentally friendly and fewer risks for your staff.


Easy-to-use, step-by-step operator guidance means minimal training required.

Measures whole sample, not just surface. Simple calibration for best accuracy & reproducibility

MQC+ analyser provides a fast, accurate and solvent-free measurement of: hydrogen or fluorine; fat, oil and water, solid/liquid and amorphous/crystalline content for a range of industries. Analysis using the MQC+ takes from a few seconds to a few minutes, which means that a high volume of samples can be processed quickly and efficiently either manually or by sample automation. Simply transfer the sample into a tube, weigh and/or condition as required by the application, then analyse; grinding or other forms of sample preparation are rarely needed. MQC+ software leads the users through the calibration and measurement process; instructions may be in English, French, German, Spanish and other languages. The NMR technique is non-destructive so samples can be kept for repeat measurements or analysed using other techniques.

Instrument uses permanent magnet therefore does not require cryogens, just a standard mains supply. Users can carry out routine maintenance tasks to ensure consistent results. Internal diagnostic sensors and test software aids service and remote support.

  • fat analysis

  • polymer analysis

  • pharmaceutical analysis

  • petrochemical analysis

  • solid fat analysis

  • fluoride analysis

  • melting profiles

  • spin finish analysis

  • time domain NMR analysers

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