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Fast GC! Super-charging GC´s World-wide!

The Top 3 Advantages

Analyses up to 10 times faster


Sub-ambient operation starting
as low as 20°C


Temperature Ramps at 100°C/min
up to 450°C

A new type of GC Column Oven!

We have Great News for Gas Chromatographers. GC Ovens is happy to announce that the next generation patented “Fluidless” Column Ovens (FCO´s) are now available and ready to ship.

The FCO-Standard is a revolutionary low mass column oven and a game changer in the GC & GCMS marketplace, making almost any GC a Fast GC! And a complete FCO-Standard-System is an attractively priced upgrade accessory. We have added 2 new Models to the FCO Family, the FCO-Extended Run and the FCO-Classic. To both of these we include Fast Temperature Programming to drive off more compounds and an integrated chiller for sub-ambient analyses.

All 3 FCO Models have 2 different Frame sizes to accommodate any type of packed, micro-packed, or capillary column. The control module is designed to power two independent FCO´s, with the flexibility to switch between analytical methods, or run two at the same time for a dual oven configuration. Please check out the GC Ovens website for more details.

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