Q-interline A/S

Real-time analysis directly in the process stream

The Top 3 Advantages

Fastest installation and implementation and calibration


Measurement probes and cells for pasty products, powders and liquids with high dry matter


Same analyser platform as the Quant laboratory FT-NIR enabling calibration sharing with lab unit

Know More – Do More – Get More

We have developed the InSight Pro concept to offer a modern future ready analyser solution based on the same engine we use and trust in all our Quant laboratory analyser solutions. We have taken all unnecessary complexity out of the equitation to offer a high-end solution easy to buy, install and run for years.

We develop, patent, and produce many different probes and cells which connects to the InSight Pro be means of fibre optical cables to maximize flexibility. This allows us to handle a very broad range of process applications, but the base analyzer remains the same.

Applying correct i.e. representative sampling is not guaranteed just by going on-line. The probes and cells must see the true process variations without bias and sampling error. Equally important is the design of a manual sample extraction point securing the important validation step.

Our probes and cells are all designed to match the highest hygienic requirement enabling them to sit right in the main process streams.

  • milk analysis

  • process control

Target Industries
Q-interline A/S
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