Spectrophotometer UV7 - First class optical performance

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Superior optical performance in accordance with the strict requirements of pharmacopoeias


Reliable, traceable results that conform to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 (data integrity)


Automatic calibration & test equipment monitoring according to pharmacopoeia with CertiRef™&LinSet™ modul

Meet the latest EUP-G32USP standards including smart certification

The UV7 spectrophotometer offers first-class optical performance that fully complies with pharmacopoeia guidelines (USP, Ph. Eur.).

Thanks to the FastTrack™ technology, spectroscopic workflows can be accelerated and optimized. The reliable spectroscopic performance is combined with the intuitive and efficient One Click™ mode, i.e. only a single button needs to be pressed to start the measurement.

The LabX® UV/VIS PC software extends the instrument with a sophisticated graphic editor for spectra evaluation. Data analysis and management is simplified by a FDA 21 CFR Part 11/EU Annex 11 compliant software package.

The UV7 can be additionally equipped with the test equipment monitoring modules, CertiRef™ and LinSet™. These modules are compliant with US and European Pharmacopoeias and include photometric accuracy, photometric linearity, wavelength accuracy, resolution and stray light. The plug & play modules can be installed in seconds, can remain on the instrument during routine measurements and perform gauge monitoring fully automatically.

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