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Premium quality U/HPLC columns with unique phases that separate what others cannot.

The Top 3 Advantages

Unique complementary phases to aid method development


Columns for small molecules, HILIC and large molecule analyses


Free Application and technical support

A wide range of phases and dimensions including our Method Development Kits

TRUST: Benefitting from 40 years of experience developing and manufacturing U/HPLC columns, the Avantor® ACE® brand performs in the most challenging applications. Our portfolio has earned customer trust across industries including pharmaceuticals, analytical testing service providers, and academic researchers who use our products every day to simplify method development, accelerate analytical lab workflows, and achieve reliable results to make accurate decisions.

QUALITY: Our ISO 9001-certified production facility features quality at its core. We supply documentation with every column, enabling a full audit trail from the point of manufacture to the time of use.

CHOICE: With a wide range of novel phases - such as C18-AR, SuperC18 and C18-PFP–traditional phases, HILIC and large molecule options, we offer exceptional coverage of products to meet our customers’ unique and diverse needs.

EXPERTISE: Everyone has access to our expert team of U/HPLC scientists to help with method development, application development, troubleshooting, and analytical performance enhancement

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