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Automated data analysis of microplastics for your sample - on an office PC, within minutes

The Top 3 Advantages

Highest quality and versatility - robust results even for complex environmental samples


Comparable and comprehensive results – due to reliable automated polymer identification


Cost savings - extremely reduced analysis time, no time-consuming manual rework by experts needed

Type, number and size of particles in various samples – classified among more than 20 polymers

Microplastics can be found in any part of an environmental or nutritional sample. Today, FPA-based FTIR imaging allows a whole sample to be measured quickly. However, to analyse the measurement data, a powerful tool is needed to reliably identify the polymer particles contained in the sample.

The analysis must provide objective, complete and robust results, which are presented in detail and transparently. The Microplastics Finder by Purency uses machine learning algorithms that identify more than 20 polymer types within minutes. In combination with FTIR imaging, it offers the fastest method to examine an entire sample for microplastics.

Thanks to automation, which does not require time-consuming manual post-processing, the analysis results are optimally comparable and reproducible. Microplastics analysis becomes scalable and new types of questions about the presence and origin of microplastics can be answered. Would you like to learn more? We are happy about every enquiry.

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