New SPE material for liquid AND gas chromatography

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Only one SPE cartridge required for your LC-MS and GC-MS analysis


Cleanest SPE extracts for GC-MS analysis compared to silica materials


Improved limits of detection and limits of quantitation

Are you still using two different cartridges for your LC and GC sample preparation?

Get more out if your solid phase extraction sample preparation with the new Thermo Scientific™ SOLA™ SPE cartridges in 30 mg format. Typical challenges in the lab are polymeric SPE materials not delivering the lowest background for GC-MS, silica materials not providing for lowest ion suppression in LC-MS, so you needed different SPE materials for LC-MS and GC-MS. The new SOLA SPE cartridges in 30 mg format improve your limits of detection (LOD) and limits of quantitation (LOQ) and deliver cleanest extracts. They use an organic polymer such as DVB functioned with a ligand and combined with PTFE to remove frits. This unique material has outstanding loading capacity and ion exchange capability. Achieve improved reproducibly by taking advantage of using a polymer with pH ranges from 0-14 with an even cleaner extract than you would see from a silica-based material. With the new SOLA SPE cartridges in 30 mg format you need only one material for your LC- and GC sample preparation. This reduces complexity in your lab and time required for your sample preparation.

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