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Masterflex ® Lastest and Greatest

Industry leading products to support your fluid handling needs


Masterflex® Ismatec® Reglo Digital Pumps,

- Available in 3 different pump technologies – peristaltic, piston & gear

Masterflex® L/S® Digital Process Drives

- Flow range of 0.006 to 3400 mL/min
- Operating mode- continuous run, timed, copy & volume dispense
- Multiple control options- localised, networked & remote operation

Masterflex® Ultrasonic Flow Sensors & flow Controller

- Non-Invasive design with zero components in the fluid path with integrated electronics

Masterflex® Single-Use Flow Sensors

- Accurate to within 1% of reading
- Interchangeable, available in varying sizes

Pump Head Products

Masterflex® L/S® High-Performance Pump Head
- Easy, repeatable loading with high-flow & pressure capabilities

Masterflex® Easy Load Pump Head

- Allows for multiple tubing sizes
- Change tubing without removing head from drive
- Stackable- multichannel applications

Masterflex® L/S® Cytoflow Pump Head

- Convex-rollers- gentler on live cells & shear-sensitive fluids
- Highest flow rate up to 7600 mL/min


Masterflex Pump & Transfer Tubing

- Industry leading tubing formulation choices
- available in standard & custom-cut lengths

Masterflex Gamma-Irradiated Tubing

- Pre-sterilized- ready to ship
- Microbial control- irradiated at 32.5 kGy

Masterflex Test Kits

- Over 22 different Masterflex® tubing formulations
- Suitable for most chemicals, liquids, hygienic environments
- Varying approvals - FDA 21 CFR , USP, Class VI to European Pharmacopoeia (EP 3.2.9), 3A Sanitary

Safety & Security

Masterflex® Open Headed Sensors

- Cuts power to the drive when pump head is opened during operation

Masterflex® Leak Detector Sensors

- Minimize damage from fluid leaks or tubing failures


- Cloud-based platform with real-time remote access & control
- 21 CFR Part 11 & EU Annex 11 compliant
- Receive data directly to PC, phone or tablet

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