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38 years providing innovative, highly specialised complex organics to the global research community

The Top 3 Advantages

Leading manufacturer & supplier of specialty research chemicals, with 365,000+ parts listed


Trusted by researchers worldwide: 22,000+ product citations in research literature


More than 240 PhD and MSc chemists offer expertise in custom chemical synthesis

We specialise in customs, designing optimal synthetic routes for both new and known compounds

Founded in 1982, TRC has manufactured and supplied innovative and highly specialised complex organic small molecules to the worldwide research community for more than 38 years. Our catalogue offers a wide range of products, some not otherwise commercially available, including analytical standards, natural products, APIs, impurities & metabolites and more than 18,000+ stable labelled standards. These products are used in a wide array of application areas, including pharmaceutical and medicinal R&D, forensic science, and environmental analysis.

We specialise in designing optimal synthetic routes for both new and known compounds, and our world-class team of more than 240 experienced PhD and MSc chemists are waiting, ready to meet your chemical synthesis needs: get in touch to find out how we can support your work

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