CRIS (Group Soufflet Research & Innovation Center)

The Biotechnology Research Center of Soufflet Group provides R&D services to support your project

The Top 3 Advantages

Specific expertise in Enzymes and applications (plant proteins, by-products valorization)


Solid state fermentation, from non GMO strain improvement to the scale-up of the process


State-of-the-art R&D capabilities with the support of a large Corporation.

We cover 3 main areas : Strain engineering, Fermentation and bioprocess and enzyme characterization

The Soufflet Research and Innovation Center (CRIS) provides Research & Development services to support your projects in the fields of biotechnology, fermentation, bioprocesses, characterization of enzymes and Applications.

Key Figures : a team of 50 researchers, engineers and technicians; 1400 m² of laboratories ; 6 technological platforms : genetic improvement and screening; liquid and solid fermentation; development of industrial processes; downstream processing; applied biochemistry and industrial processes; analysis laboratory, application, biochemistry.

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  • scale-up

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Target Industries
CRIS (Group Soufflet Research & Innovation Center)
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