Indoor Air Quality – The Next Challenge Continuous management of indoor air quality and salubrity

The Top 3 Advantages

Deep understanding of indoor conditions: air quality, odours, light, vibration and noise.


Control indoor Salubrity Sanitary and Security conditions, Remediate to improve conditions.


On premises deployment flexibility to address various indoor conditions.

IoT Air Quality Solution to keep the 3S under control: Sanitary, Salubrity & Security conditions

The Rubix POD is a communicating object dedicated to the continuous measurement and recognition of nuisances in interior spaces. It is both capable of characterizing the quality of indoor air and the more global environment: luminous, vibratory or sound. The POD can operate in a network of PODs in order to continuously characterize a complete space and to upload all these data to the Rubix S&I digital platform in order to propose advanced data processing and trigger remediation operations (prevention, equipment control, etc...). Finally, the POD also relies on human resources to collect user feedback through a mobile application. Able to recognize odors, to define whether indoor ventilation is effective, if the air is polluted by particles, if volatile organic compounds or gases can be toxic in the air, the POD is adapted to meet different needs.

  • air monitoring

  • real-time measurements

  • continuous measurement

Target Industries
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