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Do you still count, or are you already measuring?

The Top 3 Advantages

Speed - Automated particle analyses for fast measurement results


Security - Modern image processing for high accuracy


Documentation - Detailed documentation and traceability of measurement results

Precise and reliable particle measurements with only one measuring system.

The world's first fully automated measuring system for the analysis of airborne particles offers you the possibility to determine air pollution in detail with artificial and biological particles.

Our measuring instruments analyze, classify, and quantify every single particle of your samples from a particle size of 1 µm. Individual particles, such as mold spores, can be detected quickly and conveniently with CAMSENS. State-of-the-art deep learning algorithms, intuitive operation, and comprehensive documentation options make our instruments the perfect partner for your daily work.

CAMSENS offers solutions for analysis in the laboratory, mobile use at your customers' premises, and for continuous monitoring of ambient air at workplaces and production environments.

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