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Microplastics and Emerging Contaminants

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Microplastics analytical solutions and a network of researchers


Comprehensive knowledge of water testing methodologies


End-to-end solutions for water quality monitoring

Solutions for water, air and soil testing critical analysis of toxins, pollutants and microplastics

For your microplastics research needs, including identification of microplastics and associated pollutants, and eco-toxicological studies on marine bio-organisms together with genomic and proteomic effects, you‘ll find a trusted and knowledgeable partner in PerkinElmer. Choose from a family of advanced instruments, from the Spotlight FTIR microscopy and Imaging systems to the portable, fast, and easy-to-use Spectrum Two™ IR system, all outfitted with ready-made protocols, a materials library, and unique Spectrum Touch™ software. Chromatography, mass spectrometry, and hyphenated TG-GCMS solutions support furthermore deepening your insights and advancing your scientific research.

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