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molecule stabilization and visualization of their interaction – matching system components

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faster product development due to harmonized products


flexible development and application due to broad portfolio


comprehensive fields of application for various technologies

preserving molecules and visualizing their interaction – matching system components

The ready-to-use TMB substrates of the SeramunBlau® line include products for colorimetric ELISA applications as well as for membrane immunoassays and microarrays. The precipitating substrates form color complexes which clearly stand out against the pale background color. All substrates are based on the enzymatic reaction of horseradish peroxidase. SeramunGelb® products can be used for colorimetric ELISA application while SeramunPurple® prec, being used in the membrane area, offers a high color contrast and stable dark red precipitates through AP-based turnover reactions.

Seramun stabilizers are being used for stabilization of HRP and AP conjugates as well as for stabilization of biomolecules and sensitive protein mixtures. Protein-free stabilizers such as SeramunBlock NP 5x conc. strongly reduce the background effects of biological components and are therefore an important part of the Seramun Diagnostica product range.

  • substrates

  • stabilizer

  • ELISA assays

  • tissue microarrays

  • biomolecules

  • biomarker

  • immunoassays

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