Today, Together for Tomorrow: our new overview brochure for bio-processing and vaccine manufacturing

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Sample collection & diagnostics: sterile/non-sterile highquality plastic products to meet all needs


Research & development: innovative solutions supporting preclinical vaccine research and more


Production & packaging: we´re your premium partner for production and pharmaceutical packaging

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From the discovery of the first vaccine at the end of the 18th century to the vaccine research of today, scientists and physicians have made a quantum leap in the development of the public healthcare sector. Severe and often fatal infectious diseases have been greatly reduced or even completely eradicated. Despite such great scientific achievements, our society is constantly confronted with new infectious diseases and new viral mutations for which there are no effective vaccinations available yet, e.g. HIV, Ebola or Covid-19. There is still a long way to go and we can only win this battle together. Our point of view, begins with you.

From scientific research and technical applications to storage and packaging solutions, the world’s laboratories rely on DWK Life Sciences for the most comprehensive range of precision labware available. In this new application brochure we have bundled our strengths and compiled all relevant products from our entire portfolio across our various brands at a glance. This brochure helps you to find the right product for your needs within just a few clicks.

  • Life Sciences

  • vials

  • serological pipettes

  • single-use bioreactors

  • incubators

  • sterile products

  • media bottles

  • pipettes

  • vaccine development

  • bioprocess

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