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The world’s smallest integrated Cell Incubator, custom engineered for Lab Automation

The Top 3 Advantages

Smallest multi-position gas incubator with 4 plate capacity


Providing class leading performance, accuracy and temperature uniformity


Tool free cleaning and maintenance are enabling rapid recovery and maximising operating time

The SCILA delivers class leading performance and accuracy whilst minimizing on-deck space

Designed for small scale automated cell culture applications, providing four drawer-based positions for cell culture plates. Its small size provides flexibility for placement around the deck and expansion through stacking multiple devices.

The SCILA takes just 19 minutes to initialize and provides class leading temperature uniformity – on a single plate, total variances remain below 0.3K, across all 4 plates variances remain below 0.5K at all times. Even during a plate exchange, the remaining 3 plates remain at full operational performance.
Once plate exchange is completed, our gas boost functionality ensures that gas concentration recovery is achieved in a few minutes. The SCILA Incubator is working at saturated humidity and able to operate with our SCILA MIX gas mixer to provide 2-gas mix (CO2/air) or Tri-mix solution (CO2/N2/air). Our separate gas mixer is able to provide a steady gas mixture to up to 3 separate SCILA devices.

The incubation chamber is a sealed copper unit containing no mechanical parts this patented design enables rapid, tool-less maintenance, ensuring that the device can be cleaned and made fully operational in minutes.

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