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Optimal Design with Class-Leading performance for Lab Automation

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

30% Smaller than competitors & lowest on-deck profile - the most compact thermal cycler available


20% less processing time, with class leading levels of thermal uniformity across the sample set


With over 16 Variations, multiple devices can be placed together on deck with full flexibility

The World’s Smallest On Deck Thermal Cycler, providing best in class performance and accuracy.

The ODTC® is the most advanced automated thermal cycler. Enabling you to fully automate your PCR workflow or Biological routine by enabling rapid heating and cooling cycles. Our design enables direct pipetting and gripping from all directions, maximizing the flexibility and performance of your workflow.

Providing leading thermal performance, with temperature uniformity of ±0.2K across the entire thermal block. Open or closed lid operation, the ODTC provides near identical performance, enabling you to completely automate multi-stage workflows – enabling pipetting during cycling and incubation.

Already integrated with the world’s leading automation manufacturers and occupying minimal space (equal to 2.5 ANSI/SLAS plates) leaving more space to plan the assay according to your needs. It is already compatible with all standard PCR plates and sealing lids. The flexible design options enable multiple units to be integrated on platforms, maximizing and streamlining high throughput workflows.

  • PCR

  • Lab Automation

  • next generation sequencing

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